The island of Tenerife has a wide variety of Artistic Shows all together aimed for entertaining to the most demanding audience.
The Magic Show of Joe Guillen it’s considered one of the best shows in the island for its amazing scene, audience participation and its incredible soundtrack that make all your senses stay tuned to the show.


Joe Guillen , son of a bullfighter, born in Barcelona Spain, was too tall to follow the footsteps of his father. However, that did not matter to Joe, his love for animals was too strong that soon in the search of his emotions he founded a new hobby … Magic; He never thought where his hobby would take him. Now 30 years later, the life of Joe Guillen breathes magic only professionally dedicating to it and working worldwide but especially on the island of Tenerife.

Joe has shown his art to the world, for a wide variety of cultures and for all ages, speaking English as well as Spanish. The quality of his work is so good that can entertain an audience of 2 or 3 thousand people such as a small audience of 3 to 4 people within a table with it’s close up magic.

The creativity of Joe and his dedication to magic is so constant that his many ideas and endless energy have made many people say he’s a magician with a long future.
If you do not have seen the Show and you are in Tenerife, Do not miss it!.